Curran Scientific            Curran Scientific

I found PBS very helpful and constructive to deal with. They raised legitimate business issues that had not occurred to me, broadened my horizons and made me more conscious of actively exploring new market opportunities. PBS helped me clarify and visualise the value within my business and assisted me with the development of a plan for exploiting this potential further.

Mr Kieran Curran, Owner Curran Scientific, Limerick

Zenith Technologies     Zexith Technologies

I used PBS to assist with organisational changes within my company. I found them to be tremendously professional and of a high integrity. I would favourably recommend them to any company.

Mr Brendan O’Regan, CEO Zenith Technologies, Cork


I dealt with PBS over a 12 month period to help me grow my business. They assisted me with mapping our business processes and developing a strategic plan for the future development of my Business. I would strongly recommend PBS to any company looking to exploit their potential.

Mr Jimmy Martin, MD AMCS, Limerick

Shortt Stainless Steel    shortt stainless steel

I have worked with PBS over the last 8 months and would have no hesitation in recommending them. I found PBS to be highly professional and respectful of my staff and the culture within my organisation which greatly helped when change was required.

Mr Dermot Shortt, MD Shortt Stainless Steel, Limerick

ABC Cleaning Ltd    ABCcleaning

PBS worked with my company during a period of change. They helped me bring clarity to the future direction of my business and assisted me with bringing a workable structure to my operation. I would recommend them to any small business as I believe they understand and respect where small businesses are coming from and the unique challenges which we face.

Ms Breeda Hurley, MD ABC Cleaning Ltd, Kerry

Richardsons Foods Ltd     Richardsons Foods

PBS add significant value in the clear objective thinking they bring to a business. They have a good breath of experience  in both knowledge of the market and industry expertise which brought an extra dimension to our business. I would strongly recommend them to any company looking for an objective and realistic assessment of their business. 

Mr Matthew Richardson – MD Richardsons Foods Ltd, Limerick

E Gerraghty Joinery Ltd     Geraghty Joinery

PBS provided an excellent analysis of where we were as a business and the options open to us in the future. They provided us with an objective overview of our business which gave us the time to stand back and see where we wanted the business to go. I would highly recommend their service.

Mr Owen Gerraghty – MD E Gerraghty Joinery, Galway